The purpose of the Underage Drinking Enforcement Task Force is to work together to ensure that Maine’s underage drinking enforcement efforts are coordinated amongst invested stakeholders.

The Task Force is made up of a variety of stakeholders that includes a representative from:

  • The Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free
  • Liquor Licensing and Compliance Division
  • Maine Criminal Justice Academy
  • Maine Chief's of Police Association
  • Maine Sheriff's Association
  • Texas Catch Youtube Fake Id - Hancock County Sheriff's Office
  • Texas Catch Youtube Fake Id - Texas Catch Youtube Fake Id - Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office
  • B.C. Consultants
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG)
  • Catholic Charities of Maine
  • Office of Minority Health
  • Bureau of Highway Safety
  • Department of Corrections
  • Healthy Communities of the Capital Area
  • Westbrook Police Department*
  • Brunswick Police Department
  • Maine Grocers Association
  • Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association
  • Maine Restaurant Association
  • Maine Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse
  • AdCare Educational
  • Department of Education
  • Smoking Raise Push Majority 21 To Mcconnell’s Senate Mitch The Leader Legal Age
  • Department of Transportation
  • Girl Scouts of Maine
  • Maine Beverage Company
  • Youth Empowerment and Policy Project
  • Hart Public Policy
  • Rite Aid of Maine
  • Pine State Trading Company
  • Office of Substance Abuse*
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  • Higher Education Alcohol Prevention Partnership

*Co-chairs of the Task Force

The history of the Task Force can be found here. This is a living document and will continue to develop as the Task Force makes progress towards its goals.

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The full recommendation document is long and detailed. The following document is a condensed version that outlines the recommendations - Recommendation Summary

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For more information, contact Christine Theriault

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